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Opti-Solar Brilliant Plus SP3000

SP Brilliant Series enhances the built-in MPPT solar charger with higher capacity. With larger solar charger, the maximum charging current will reach 80A or 120A. Enjoy more solar energy with a simply solution.


Opti-Solar SP 5000 Brilliant Ultra

Opti-Solar Brilliant Series provide the integration of Friendly PV energy. The PV maximum charging current will reach 80A or 120A.   PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS

Opti-Solar SP 5000 Handy Plus

SP Handy Series have a unique design detachable LCD display with comprehensive information. Easily accessible DATA via WiFi Interface and User friendly for beginners   PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS

Opti-Solar SP8000 Handy Ultra

Handy Ultra series have High Output capacity perfectly for the inductive loads. Unique function of easy replaceable fan effectively extend the life span PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS