Shipping Policy

Customer’s Responsibility

Customers are solely responsible for acquiring the information related to a particular vendor/products shipping policy and pricing prior to making an order on

Some of the products available on this website are processed and shipped by Wilkins Engineering. Products that are fulfilled by Wilkins Engineering will be stated on the product page and invoice.

Our marketplace is a multi-vendor sales platform. As such, shipping types, fees, and expected delivery times will differ according to each vendor’s policy. Products may have different shipping types and fees applied individually depending on the vendor. It is your responsibility as the customer to identify shipping/tax/import fees and the expected shipping time for goods/products with your vendors (sellers).

Vendor’s Responsibility

Vendors are required to provide accurate shipping information on all of their products at all times. Any product with an unclear shipping type, fees, and estimated delivery time will be removed or suspended without prior notice. It is your responsibility as the Vendor to set up the shipping (except for refund/returns) for your products. You, as the Vendor, must provide and be willing to provide clear information regarding shipping upon information requested by customers.