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Opti-Solar SP 3000Handy

SP Handy series come with user friendly, advanced and energy exchange functions and can be operated without battery and high PV input voltage. Its anti-dust filter technology realistically raises the life span of the system. Parallel operation with up to 6 units.


SMA Energy Meter

SMA Energy Meter 20 Universal recording of measured values for intelligent energy management The powerful measurement solution for intelligent energy management within the SMA Smart Home: The SMA Energy Meter takes phase-exact and balanced electrical measured values as a grid feed-in and purchased electricity meter and communicates these values via Speedwire. Thanks to its ability to quickly acquire measured values, the SMA Energy Meter is the ideal supplier of data for intelligent energy management within the SMA Smart Home. All PV generation data, purchased electricity and grid feed-in can be transmitted via standard Ethernet cable to the Sunny Home Manager, for example, or to the Sunny Boy Smart Energy. This, in turn, facilitates optimal energy monitoring, effective load and battery management and reliable active power limitation at the grid feed-in point while taking self-consumption into account.

EPSOLAR Tracer 2210RN

Tracer series controller adopts latest MPPT technology (Maximum Power Point Tracking) and advanced tracking algorithm to make the solar module operate at ideal voltage which the solar modules can product the maximum available power. Compared to conventional PWM controller, MPPT technology increases the charge efficiency up to 30% and potentially decrease the power of solar array needed. The ability to step-down the higher voltage solar module to recharge a lower voltage battery bank greatly increases system design flexibility. The cable size can be reduced because of the small current from the solar array.


Suntree Distribution Box STSM-6MAP

Overall panel design is luxury and attractive. The face covering colors are dark Green and brown (provided according to the color needs of the different interior residential designs except for the standard colors). The design of the face covering gives a noble and elegant feeling. Pure Ivory, high strength, never change color, transparent material is PC. Fixed frame, simple structure and easy Installation.


The controller could charge battery and discharge automatically for off-grid photovoltaic (PV) systems. The charging process has been optimized for long battery life and improved system performance. The comprehensive self-diagnostics and extensive electronic protection can prevent damage against incorrect wiring or system faults.


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